Tearmann Spirituality Centre

Retreat: Day 1: Pilgrimage, Gift: Wisdom

June 12th, 2017 by abvadmin

Before embarking upon a new experience, it is important to be aware of transition time and space. It provides an opportunity to leave behind everyday preoccupations, to rest, relax and settle in to new surroundings.  In Irish tradition, transition times and spaces were very important.  The time between light and darkness and the changes of the seasons were all acknowledged with prayers and celebrated with rituals and festivals.  Entrances into sacred spaces were marked with passageways which allowed time to be in an in-between space.

The transition space provides an opportunity to reflect on some journey questions: How am I feeling now that I have arrived here?  Can I leave aside my usual concerns for a while?  What am I hoping to find in this new place?  How open am I to a new experience?

It is also a chance to connect with our God-given gift of wisdom.  We all hold a lot of wisdom, much of which we may not acknowledge or even recognize in ourselves.  What special wisdom are you bringing to this new experience? How might it enrich your quiet reflective times?  Will you allow the age old wisdom of a sacred place speak to you? Can your own wisdom help you respond?

Biblical journey questions:

  • Genesis 3:9 – Where are you?
  • John 1:38 – What are you looking for?
  • Jeremiah 6:16 – Stop, look and listen.
  • - Psalms 121 and 131