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At the beginning of the 21st Century in the midst of the communications revolution many people are experiencing feelings of disconnection and alienation. Old accepted religious practices and supports are being challenged and new expressions in the search for the meaning of life are emerging. One response to this dilemma is a growing desire to rediscover roots and live in a more soulful way. In Ireland this search is sometimes expressed in what has come to be known as Celtic spirituality and many people are drawn to the beautiful and enchanting valley of two lakes that is Glendalough in County Wicklow.

Glendalough has attracted people for thousands of years. It became famous from the sixth century when a young man called Kevin discovered an old Bronze Age tomb in the side of a cliff and established a hermitage nearby. After his death a monastic settlement was created, which flourished in one form or other until the fifteenth century. Even after this time, and up until the present day, Glendalough has drawn thousands of visitors and pilgrims alike, attracted by its great natural beauty and fascination with its long history. It is a place of many shades and moods at any time of the year.

Tearmann Spirituality Centre, overlooking the valley, and in full view of the surrounding hills, was opened in 1993 by Fr. Michael Rodgers as a result of his own search for roots. Since that time he has welcomed many people from all over the world, both on day pilgrimage, or as a place to stay and enjoy a reflective and soulful time. Whilst its fundamental ethos is Christian, Tearmann welcomes people of any faith, or none, and believes in the principle that ‘soul’ is a human orientation to seek the sacred heart of life which has many expressions. Visitors are encouraged to reflect in a personal and creative way, linking their experience with the bigger story as expressed in the environment, history, legend and spirituality of the valley.


Advent Retreats 2017

October 21st, 2017 by Michael Rodgers

Prepare for Christmas and New birth by joining us for one of our Advent retreats.

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