’Unknown to us, there are moments

When crevices we cannot see open

For time to come alive with beginning.’’

John O Donohue ( Connemara Blues) ‘Before the Beginning’


Take Time.

Allow Yourself Space.  

Detach, Unwind, &  be Still

Let this be Your ‘beginning’


Experience what some ‘Me time’ feel like in one of Creation’s most Beautiful locations, Glendalough. County Wicklow. Ireland.

 In the Knowledge that We are all just Pilgrims, on one journey around this Blue Planet. Itself just a dot, travelling within the vastness of an amazing Universe.


The Tearmann Centre in Glendalough, offers hospitality to Pilgrims and Seekers alike. We cater for groups and individuals who want to spend time in Glendalough to connect, or to reconnect, with that ‘something within’. Allow Yourself Time and Space, to explore the beautiful landscape that for centuries has drawn people here, from all walks of life to be truly present.

In this serene environment, some choose to use this time out, from their hectic lives, to rest, relax, to explore, or to offer quiet thanks and praise.

The team at Tearmann aim to provide, support, guidance, and hospitality according to the needs and desires of each individual guest. We offer a range of experiences to the pilgrim, that we hope leaves them with a renewed strength of spirit to return to their everyday world.

We look forward to welcoming you to this beautiful and spiritually nourishing valley.


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