21st February 2018

These Spring crocus flowers opened up completely to yesterday’s sunshine.  The bulbs were planted  on the eve of Samhain by a group of people gathered to celebrate the beginning of the Celtic new year, the first day of November.    In the ancient Celtic understanding, the new day or the new season began with the darkness.

A fire was lighted and each person present added a piece of old dry wood representing something that they wanted to let go from their lives which was no longer necessary.  The planting of the bulb represented a new desire or wish or dream that they would like to see fulfilled in their life during the coming year.  All the bulbs were different shapes and sizes just like the people present and the same is  true of the flowers as they now appear.

The bulbs remained hidden in the soil during the long cold winter months and began to emerge from their dark beds as the days began to lengthen into spring.  the stem of the flower grew gradually during the past weeks and eventually the yellow flowers appeared.  These remained unopened for several days waiting for the right conditions for full blooming. Yesterday had the right temperature and good sunshine for a perfect blooming show.  If the people who planted them could see them now they would know that a long journey into night finally comes to the dawn of a new day.  We are the realization and embodiment of the dream of our creator God.

Creation is the original book of revelation.  If we pay attention to it we can learn everything we need to know about life. We need patience and perseverance to get through the dark days.  Our growth cannot be forced but comes about gradually.  There is a time to open up to the fullness of life and a time to let it go.  Our call is to love this world as it is in all its beauty and complexity.  Living life to the full in the here and now passes through many gateways of experience until finally arriving at the wonderful gates of eternity.  When the spring crocus fades away and is left undisturbed in the ground, the bulb produces baby bulbs that appears as flowers in the next springtime.

What is going on in the garden of your soul at this time?