2nd April 2018

The picture shows a silhouette of a group of people watching and waiting for the sun to rise on Easter Sunday morning at Ballyvaloo beach in Co. Wexford. They were one of many groups of Christians around the world having a similar Easter morning experience.  Every single group saw something different but their common bond was their faith in the Risen Spirit of Jesus Christ.

Many Christians see Jesus as a personal saviour whose grace and favour is available only to select individuals and groups who operate within a fixed way of thinking and action.  Scripture tells us that after Jesus died in his earthly body, his spirit was set free to become the anointed, eternal Christ who is the fulfilment of God’s plan for all which was there from the beginning all those billions of years ago.  Read the Prologue of John’s Gospel (John 1:1-18)  (Ephesians 1:3-12) (Colossians 1:15-20)

Can we take Jesus out of the Triune God and make Him our personal Saviour?  In doing this we can forget that God is everywhere and in everything and everyone.  Jesus comes from God to be with us in the shape of the human.  After his death in his human body, he became the eternal spirit of God which is cosmic in its expression.  Belief in the Triune God confirms and completes one of the great principles of universal life viz. that there is a unique expression in everything, that everything has an interior life and that everything exists in community. The powerful message of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus is that the material and spiritual worlds co-exist and that belief in Jesus Christ includes the whole span of history from the beginning, all of creation and all the possibilities that will emerge in the future.

The group of people standing on the beach waiting for the sun to rise on Easter Sunday had many different stories to tell. The power of coming together in a diverse group is realized when one common mind and heart rooted in love begins to be formed.   Together we are so much greater than what one small mind of our own can comprehend or even imagine. When we know this, the spirit of the Risen Christ has begun to dawn in us. This is good news that we want to tell everyone.