Welcome Blessing

1st January 2019

Glendalough Welcome Blessing

 by USA Pilgrim Mary Evers

May the grace of new beginnings enliven your soul with possibility and promise.

May the valley sing to welcome you and the grace of home be yours.

May a river of delight rush through your body and soul refreshing parched terrain baptizing your spirit anew.

May the towering of black oak mind your spirit and guard your heart.

May mountains surround you and shelter your life and may you find within the mountain of deep peace.

Upon life’s rough seas, may you be cradled in locked embrace until fear and worry are stilled.

In times of trouble, may the peace and protection of your path in the woods lead you to wisdom’s light.

May your eyes ever dance the wonders of creation and your gaze hold and heal your loved ones.

May you touch God’s presence in the hand of a stranger and lift up the lonely who are guided to your door.

May you surrender to the silence that knows your name, and there in the stillness, may you know yourself and find God.