What We Offer

Here at Tearmann we offer a number of different reflective retreat programmes to encourage personal growth, from guided pilgrimages, to a listening ear. We aim to allow yourself to be exposed to a broad spectrum of grounding skills and techniques that will be of benefit to you, long past your stay at Tearmann. You can experience Kinesiology, Massage, experience a Sound Bath, learn to Draw or Paint, experience deep Guided Meditation, brush up your skills on Photography, or, just get a little fitter by walking in this amazing place.  You can read the details below for our Walking Retreats, Weekend Retreats, and Private retreats, as well as Lenten, Advent & Solstice Celtic Retreats. Wellness at work packages.

Five Day Retreats

From the beginning of May until the end of September, we have weekly retreats. The longest reflective retreat is a journey of 5 days.  These retreats begin on Sunday evening and conclude on Friday morning. These retreats incorporate elements of Celtic, and Creational Spirituality, walking in nature, mindfulness, therapeutic treatments and meditation.

Within the 5 day programme, there will be an integration of grounding workshops delivered by the Team. Advance programme details will be posted on the website and early booking is essential, as numbers will be limited in order to maximise the experience.

We tailor our retreats to be available to all or no denomination but given the location and deep Christian heritage of Glendalough there will be many elements of Christianity interspersed within the modules. We begin our day with guided meditation in the morning and in the evening, we can gather and share our experiences of the day. The rest of the day is free to walk, reflect, pray, journal, blog or do what you feel your spirit is drawing you to do on your own. One to one spiritual direction is also available on request.

Walking Retreats

Glendalough is a walker’s paradise. We offer a one day ‘camino’. A reasonable level of fitness in required for this retreat.

We begin our day with guided meditation in the morning. After meditation we go on a guided reflective walk each day for 2 -3 hours (5 -10km) as a group. There is then the option to continue walking on your own if you so desire.

Then in the evening, it is important to bring our day to a close, and you are encouraged to share your experiences of the day that you have just live through.

For those who wish to deepen their link to Christ, and subject to his availability, Fr. Michael celebrates the Eucharist each evening within his own space. He welcomes all those who want to partake.

Our reflections will mostly centre round appreciating the goodness and beauty of our world, noticing the Spirit of God’s presence in nature, while in this process motivating us to care for planet Earth, our common home.  During this walk we try to examine how we fit into the picture of the world around us. There is also the opportunity to meet on an individual basis afterwards if you need to examine something in more depth.

2020 walking retreats:

  • August: TBA

Weekend Retreats

Our weekend retreats are popular and are designed for busy people who need to take a brief time out to recharge their Spiritual batteries and dwell a little deeper on where they are going in life.  It’s a time to reflect and walk in nature and touch into a Higher Power, that exists within themselves and can be felt more easily in the sacred valley of Glendalough. Weekend retreats begin on Friday evening until midday on Sunday. Early booking is essential.

2020 weekend retreats:

  • July –August TBA

2020 Advent retreats:

  • November: TBA
  • December: TBA

2020 Solstice retreat:

  • December: TBA

Private Retreats

We also cater for anyone who wants to book some private time out, or a personally designed retreat at any time of the year in Tearmann. These private retreats can vary from two days to a month. They are tailored to meet the specific needs of the guest, who will consult the Tearmann team in advance. Longer stays are also catered for by arrangement. A Minimum Cost per day/week will be negotiable, depending upon the nature of the tailored package.

Individual Guidance/Counselling

Spiritual Direction, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy are also available on an individual basis subject to prior appointment.