A listening Place

Glendalough is a unique place to listen to the voice within, that often gets drowned out in the noise of life. This small voice existed before you were born. It is your connection to Creation. It is the energetic centre within you. It is on the same wavelength as the spiritual energy that you will encounter within the Glendalough valley. It is felt deeply by most visitors and pilgrims.

We in Tearmann provide a space to allow our guests to feel this energy and to listen and reflect to the Spirit calling from within and without. To assist you in this process we offer guidance in the form of Active Listening, Kinesiology, or Spiritual direction from a Christian perspective.

It can be experienced on an individual basis as well as in groups. We also provide an empathetic listening ear to those who are mourning, feeling down or lost, confused, or troubled in any way and need some help to tease things out. Or perhaps you just want someone to listen to your story over a cup of tea.

On the third Sunday of each month, we host Mindfulness days. Old Heart New Heart Sangha, a Buddhist group, meets to meditate, walk and share about their mindfulness practice from 11.30 to 4.30 pm.