Guided Pilgrimages

We offer guided pilgrimages and walkabouts for groups. We specialize in groups who come to Glendalough as pilgrims who have a spiritual focus or interest. However, we also cater for groups who are interested in the history and culture of the Glendalough valley. These guided pilgrimages or tours are usually about 2 hours, but are adaptable according to the needs and the physical abilities of the pilgrims. The walks can vary from 2 to 5km. We also do a full day pilgrimage for groups designed according to each groups’ needs and desires.

St. Kevin’s Way

Tearmann Spirituality Centre is also ideally located to accommodate pilgrims who want to walk St. Kevin’s Way from Hollywood to Glendalough, which incorporates some of the Wicklow Way. We are very happy to facilitate your stay here on the night before and after you walk this ancient pilgrim path. We can arrange transport for a small group of pilgrims to the start of St. Kevin’s Way in Hollywood. We also provide a space for pilgrims to reflect on and deepen the pilgrimage experience. For more information on St. Kevin’s Way pilgrim path, see