Who We Are

Tearmann Spirituality Centre is a place of hospitality for pilgrims and soul seekers in Glendalough. We are open all year round (except during Christmas) for groups and individuals who want to spend time in the sacred valley of Glendalough, to pray, relax or take time out in a serene environment. The Tearmann team offers a listening ear, guidance, support and hospitality in whatever way is requested or needed by our guests. All our activities are designed according to each person’s needs with great flexibility. We welcome all Spiritual seekers from all faith backgrounds and those who may feel they fit into no category of belief. We also welcome those who simply want to come and enjoy the beauty and history of Glendalough. Visitors are encouraged to reflect in a personal and creative way, linking their experience with the bigger story as expressed in the environment, history, legend and spirituality of the valley.  

Glendalough has attracted people for thousands of years. It became famous from the sixth century when a young man called Kevin discovered an old Bronze Age tomb in the side of a cliff and established a hermitage nearby. After his death a monastic settlement was created, which flourished in one form or other until the fifteenth century. Even after this time, and up until the present day, Glendalough has drawn thousands of visitors and pilgrims alike, attracted by its great natural beauty and fascination with its long history. It is a place of many shades and moods at any time of the year.