The Tearmann Experience

Deepening your personal connections

Within our programme, we offer a range of experiences spanning from a Guided Meditation to Hypnotherapy. They are all delivered by a team of empathetic individuals with a proven track record in their field.

All of these experiences are structured to allow you to deepen your relationship with yourself and to feel more surefooted on your path going forward.

Some people find that these short experiences can be the most efficient route to access some sort of freedom from what might be holding them back from living a fuller life.

We recommend that the guest try at least one of the experiences during their stay. Further guidance may be offered for beyond your time at Tearmann.

Healing Meditation using Sound


Experience the wonder of a Sound Bath in the midst  of Tibetan singing bowls and other gentle percussion instruments which will allow you to connect with your own unique resonance without having to do or say anything, thus allowing you to better manage your stress levels. Heather Muir brings her gifts of some 20 years of experience in meditation, energy balancing and sound healing to Tearmann. Heather can offer Sound bath sessions of 1:1 or a maximum group size of 3 people. She can also facilitate meditation using ‘sound’ for groups of up to 8 people. This is a unique experience and sessions book out really quickly, so advance booking is essential.

Relaxing Massage


Elena Rodriguez, has been helping people to gain a freedom from pain in Glendalough since 2010. Through her practice ‘’Soul in Hands’’ she uses various forms of massage in a most empathetic way.

So, when you really do not want to say anything at all, but at the same time, you want to feel deeply relaxed, why not untie the knots with a Massage from Elena. A deeper session can be experienced in her own studio about 100m up the road from Tearmann, or she can deliver a head massage or a light session right here.

Guided Meditation or Light Hypnosis session


Paschal can take you to a place where you can allow yourself to feel pure serenity. While you are in this space, you can resolve to affirm some personal aspiration that you might like to achieve into the future. Learn how to set life goals for yourself and see how, through visualization, that they really do come true.

1:1 sessions are strictly by appointment and strictly confidential.

Foraging Walks and Tutorials


Courtney Tyler, is the ‘real deal’. When you get to meet her, you can even feel how enthusiastic she is about foraging and the subsequent health benefits. Courtney is both enthusiastic and practiced in the art of being able to find and receive the gifts that Mother Nature provides to sustain our Bodily Health and Wellbeing. Why not book a Foraging session with her, and find what you have been missing out on all of your life.

Workshops in Bereavement in order to come to terms with Grief & Loss


Charlene Ray uses Alchemical healing, guided imagery, nature soul work, art & poetry, to create a unique experience for those who participate in the Bereavement workshop. Charlene travels from the USA about 4 times a year, and her workshops sell out quickly. Rosaleen and Charlene, sometimes work together on integrated programmes, so if you happen to be here when that happens, the guest can expect something very special.

One Day Workshops on Ancestral Healing


Explore the stories and History that manifest in your everyday life with roots that lie in your Ancestral Pattern. Then experience the Healing and Transformation. Small Groups only. Advance Booking essential.



Bernard Van Giessen is a professional photographer based in Dublin. Renowned for the images of Gardens and Architecture that he captures on his extensive travels. Bernard’s skills are ideally suited to the landscape of Glendalough. Bernard will show, and explain to you, how to capture a near perfect image. Something that may become a keepsake of your stay. Warning! This may involve an Early Morning.