Michael Rodgers, SPS

Founder and Director of Tearmann Centre, Michael Rodgers returned to Ireland after twenty years missionary service to serve on his congregation’s leadership team. During this time he began to explore his own roots, a journey that led him eventually to mystical Glendalough. He spent much time exploring the valley and its story. People heard about him and began requesting accompanied walks. He found that as they walked together individual stories quite spontaneously emerged, and in the way of pilgrimage the listening ear they would receive and offer became an important part of the experience. It became apparent that there was a hunger in people for a more natural and soulful expression of spirituality, and for opportunities for the companionship of like-minded souls.

Michael offers a quiet, respectful space for people to reflect on their life and faith story in an environment that holds its own story. He encourages an experiential approach that incorporates history, legend, spirituality, Christian tradition and awareness of nature and the environment.

Michael is the co-author of the following books:

with Marcus Losack: Glendalough, A Celtic Pilgrimage. [Columba Press. 1996]

with Gill McCarthy: Glendalough, A Celtic Soul Journey. [Ciúnas Books. 2003]

A Way for the Pilgrim in Glendalough. 2019

Breda Ahearn, C.P

Breda is a member of the Sisters of the Cross and Passion. She  has been in primary teaching for over thirty years in England and Ireland.   Since July 2005 Breda has been the resident hospitality person at Tearmann, ensuring a warm welcome, listening ear and the comfort to all who visit. She also works closely with Michael, utilising her many skills to add fullness and variety to all the programmes.