“A wonderful six days – but far too short. I go away renewed, nourished, relaxed and refreshed”

“The six days spent with Nature and its Creator were inspirational and a time filled with grace”

My seven-week sabbatical at Tearmann brought me to a true physical and spiritual renewal; it was one of my peak experiences. I was very gently led to let the past go, integrate the darkness and embrace the future. Very special thanks for introducing me to the Universe Story and Creation Spirituality.

“A blessed, relaxed and sacred time…a rediscovery of Reality!”

“A great introduction to my “Celtic Roots”; a refreshing weekend”

“A wonderful seven days. I now feel I have the courage to start on the next stage of my journey”

“I feel like someone who has been given a surprise birthday. The gifts are too many to mention”

“One of the unforgettable “moments of truth, joy and peace” in my very eventful life. Beauty that quietens, dark places that question and a gentle, prayerful Celtic presence”

“Michelangelo described sculpture as “the art of liberating the shape hidden in the stone”. Here, at Tearmann Centre there is a sense that the shape of faith is being liberated and released in many diverse ways, in harmony with the memory and essence of the landscape”

“A time of “coming home” – to myself, my land, my ancient spiritual heritage. I take with me precious memories which will empower me to continue the circle dance.”

“Thank you for the welcome and so much more. I came back for more – and received it!”

The House

Thank you for being such a welcoming “anamchara” and for creating this “nest in the rock” where the weary can find rest and renewal in hallowed Glendalough

“To be touched by a holy place is both a challenge and a blessing. My short stay here has opened my heart further to God”s blessing, and the gentle hospitality of this house has been part of that assurance”

Such a beautiful, spiritual space which enriches you. Thank you, thank you”

“A wonderful places for new beginnings”